If you are a new or struggling entrepreneur, this “Start to Profit” checklist will put an end to the overwhelm and have you discover:

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What people are saying. . .

  • Thanks Stephanie. I enjoyed the experience and the opening it provided. I have left the vision board next to my meditation seat and look at it sometimes. Some things have manifested in amazing ways like the Mandela Tribute below (we made it happen in 43 hours), speaking and writing, yoga and spiritual life, love life etc...

    Gopi Google
  • In the world there are two groups of people: Consumers, and creators. “Consumers” are people who “consume” more than they create, and “creators” are people who “create” more than they consume. Since “creation” starts and ends in the proverbial “right brain” I can’t think of anyone more in tune with this than Stephanie.

    Jay Kubassek
    Jay Kubassek SFM
  • I had the pleasure of taking Stephanie's Right Brain Entrepreneur Workshop with our management team. Rare to be part of something that's both eye-opening and fun. The workshop was transformational in helping the group tap into their creativity. It was also a fabulous team building exercise -- certainly revealed a side of some colleagues that you don't often see. Success in business is all about ideas. Effectively being able to tap the artist within the business person and unlock that creative energy is very powerful. I highly recommend Stephanie's workshop. Good stuff.

     Jay Kilberg
    Jay Kilberg Pro U
  • The Right Brain Entrepreneur workshop opened up new ways of approaching my business. Real breakthroughs come from being creative and we see this workshop as an opportunity to develop this skill and use it for the purpose of creating an amazing business.

    Bakley Bakley Smith Consulting