Discover the FOUR Pillars of a Strong Foundation for Business

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Access 4 hours of additional training to discover the FOUR Pillars of a Strong Foundation for Business.

  • Discover your 'WHY' and build a business vision that communicates to your customers for a loyal following
  • Learn how to plan effectively using mind techniques revered by Albert Einstein and other thought leaders
  • Understand the psychology of human beings and how to apply this to your marketing to leave your competition in the dust
  • Never give up and face challenges with ease through stress and time management tips that harness your brain's full potential

Advanced Training for Graduates of
MASTER YOUR MIND: Six Steps to Success

"Thanks to Stephanie my business launched on time and is successful beyond what I thought was possible in the first 2 months."

Ian Winget Ian Winget
Napa Valley Bitters Company


Training 1: Business Vision

Value $97

If you don’t have a vision, you don’t have a business.
In this training, you will learn how a business vision can distinguish you as a leader in your industry. Realize your ‘why’ (what motivates your company), and begin to develop a mission statement that communicates powerfully to your customers and transforms them into fans for life.

Training 2: Business Planning

Value $97

As an entrepreneur, planning is essential.
In this training, you will learn how to brainstorm ideas using the same techniques as geniuses Albert Einstein, Darwin, and Leonardo DaVinci.  By understanding how our brain works and connects information, you harness its full performance so you can plan effectively for accelerated results.

Training 3: Creative Marketing

Value $97

Being on the cutting edge of marketing keeps you in the game.
In this training, you learn the psychology of human beings and get a deeper understanding of how your customers relate to your product and your advertising.  Create powerful messaging with these innovative marketing tools and tactics that give you a competitive edge in a saturated industry.

Training 4: Stress & Time Management

Value $97

Creating balance as an entrepreneur ensures your long-term success. 
This training reveals time management techniques that use your full brain power so you can get more done in less time.  By reducing overwhelm and gaining access to stress-relieving methods based in psychology, you prevent burn-out and improve your confidence in facing challenges.


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