brainideaThe Right Brain Academy is founded on the concept that western society and education trains most of us to rely heavily on ‘left brain’ processes, leaving half of a brain untapped and limiting the full human potential.  By tapping into your entire brain, you naturally expand your ability to overcome challenges, improve effectiveness, and skyrocket your results, whether in personal or professional goals.  Access this ground-breaking methodology through do-it-yourself online courses, group programs or one-on-one coaching.

The Science Explained:
The brain is divided into two hemispheres responsible for different processes, communicated by the corpus callosum, a thick band of nerves that connects the two hemispheres.  The left-brain is responsible for analysis, language, numbers and linear thinking.  It is reality based, practical and responsible for our judgments and logic.   The right brain is the risk taker and big picture oriented. It uses feeling and intuition for decision-making, processes via symbols and images, and is responsible for our imagination.  Our memories, subconscious thoughts and feelings, best ideas, and creative power are housed here, but often kept prisoner by the left-brain’s verbal filter, suppressing our full self-expression.

Although technically, we are never only using half of our brain, when we are faced with a challenge, because of how most of us were raised to learn, we often will go to ‘autopilot’ to a preferred way of thinking, creating an imbalance from untapped resources.

Western Society is a Lefty:
When we look at how our education system is built, the value is placed most on languages, numbers, logic and analysis.  When budgets are cut, the first department to go is the arts, a field often seen as disposable.  Payscale’s 2011 and 2012 studies revealed the top paying jobs were in mathematics, economics, and engineering (all left-brain dominant!) with the lowest paid jobs being in education, the arts, and social work (all right brained!).   It is ingrained at an early age that left-brained processes are the most valued.  Our natural tendency as human beings to play and create is neglected, if not dismissed as irrelevant, as we become adults.  Most of us had no choice but to be left-brained dominant!

The cost: when individuals and businesses hit road-blocks, dissatisfaction, or plateaus they have limited access to all possible solutions due to the diminished ‘right brain’ thinking skills. 

Through coaching and online programs, The Right Brain Academy’s mission is to create a permanent shift in how individuals approach their life challenges, unlock their innate potential and get UNSTUCK to create breakthrough results, fast.