Training from a Creativity Expert and Mindset Coach To Maximize Your Life & Business Potential

I'm starting a business or have a part-time business...

Build a Business You Love E-Course

You feel a calling.  You want to make a bigger difference.  You just don't fit in the 9-to-5 box.   You KNOW you want to have your own business...but where do you start and what do you focus on to be profitable?  How can you ensure that your business idea will be successful?  How do you finally make your side-business your full-time lifestyle?  This e-course removes the mystery and fear of building a business and gives you a step-by-step formula to help you get the clarity and confidence you need to cross over into entrepreneurship.  Follow a fool-proof blueprint to ensure a profitable business and expert guidance by someone who made the leap and has never looked back.

I'm an established entrepreneur feeling stuck or plateaued...

Master Your Mind: Six Steps to Success E-Book

Ground breaking, scientifically supported techniques are revealed in this detailed 50-page guide so you can start innovating like Apple, Google, and Disney.  Discover and erase the hidden barriers between you and the results you want in business by learning simple steps to train your brain for success.  No more business as usual.

Master Your Mind: Six Steps to Success E-Course

Based in psychology and neuroscience, this video course shows you how to train your brain for improved productivity, creativity, and problem solving.  Guided by a licensed expert in the field of mindset and professional development, you learn a simple 6 step formula that will alter how you view yourself and business FOREVER.

The Four Pillars Entrepreneur Training

*Advanced*  Over 4 Hours of additional video training to take your business to the next level.   These offerings are for those who have attended an introductory workshop or those who have completed the Master Your Mind E-Course or E-book.  With powerful mind techniques and exercises, you can avoid losing money and build an unshakable business foundation for long-term profits. Learn how to build a strong brand with vision, creative marketing, and consistent results without stress or burn-out.

I need an overall life boost or I'm in a period of transition...

Power UP Your Life E-Course

A ground-breaking course recorded with Evox Television Networks that offers over 10 hours of training to completely transform your life in as little two months.  With interactive videos, additional resources and worksheets, you learn how to disappear limiting barriers, train your brain for happiness, and design a new future with clarity and purpose.