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Josh K

“Stephanie Staidle was largely responsible for attaining my dream job, doubling my salary and starting two businesses.  She taught me how to increase my productivity, creativity, confidence and communication skills in both my professional and personal life. The tools she gave me will stick with me forever.”

Josh K TeaLeaf

It was 4pm and I was leaving the office for an urgent doctor's appointment.  At the time I was an Account Manager at an event marketing agency for American Express in New York City.  As I was walking to the exit one of my coworkers rolled to the edge of his cubicle and eyed me.  "Half day?" he scoffed.

I'll never forget that moment because that was when my romantic view of the corporate world crashed.  "Is this it?" I thought. "Destined to spend the rest of my life constantly on someone else's watch, having to negotiate my worth in salary, and confined to the 9-5 (or 8pm) lifestyle with 2 weeks vacation?"  I went into business for myself a few years later and have never looked back.  I know the freedom and fulfillment that comes with living life on my own terms AND I know very well the frustrations and fears that run parallel.

My first few years in business I struggled, jumping from online course to webinar, throwing a lot of things at the wall hoping they'd stick and putting hours (and sometimes thousands of dollars) into projects that would flop.  It wasn't until I got real mentorship and guidance that things changed around.  This business program is for individuals like me who are seeking FREEDOM and want to make a difference in this world but don't know where to start.  It is the culmination of the thousands of hours and over a hundred thousand dollars of education and training.  My intention is to save you unnecessary frustration and wasted money by offering the step-by-step guidance and individual support I wish I had when I first started.   But I don't work with just anyone...if you are truly committed and ready to make strides in your business, I encourage you to apply below.

Here's What you Get...

From Passion to Profit in 90 Days

  • Six (6) pre-recorded video modules to watch on your own schedule
  • Simple lesson assignments & step-by-step worksheets
  • Lifetime access to the private online community group for on going support
  • The push and encouragement you need to stop putting off your dreams!
  • Module 1: The Power of WHY

    In this module we create the foundation for the next 3 months by asking one question: WHY?  Companies that are clear on their ‘why’, their mission and values, consistently outperform those that do not.   Gain clarity on your best direction for business by discovering what you love to do, your best talents and the people you feel called to serve.  (For those of you who have too many business ideas and are paralyzed trying to figure out which to pick, this is a game-changer!)

  • Module 2: Niche Clarity and Market Research

    Once you know your WHY the next step is understanding the WHO.   Bigger isn’t necessarily better- the more you can zone in on your niche the more effective you’ll be in business.  Getting crystal clear on who want to serve will take the guesswork out of everything that follows.  In this module you’ll discover your niche and begin to do market research to learn more about your target audience and how your business can be the perfect solution to their problems.

  • Module 3: The Mind of a Business Owner

    It is a common human phenomenon to think that if we DO more than we will have more.  However the latest findings of brain science show that what is really at the source of our success is MINDSET: your thoughts and beliefs.  Leading companies innovate and know how to ‘fail fast’ to avoid losses and accelerate gains.  Most failures are the result of self-imposed limits on creative thinking.  Learn what to expect-in advance-when you become self-employed and how to overcome fear and self-doubt so you can face any challenge with confidence.

  • Module 4: Creating a 'WOW' Product

    The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is they spend hours and months to develop their product or service just to find out that there is no demand for it.   This is where finding your WHY and understanding the WHO makes the WHAT very easy.  Once your target audience has told you exactly what their challenges are and you provide the solution (using your authentic and unique talents), you develop a WOW product that is an EASY YES.  It takes the slime out of sales and the frustration out of marketing because every aspect of your business is about being in service.

  • Module 5: Time Management & Productivity

    Having your own business can mean wearing multiple hats at first.  Overwhelm, burn-out and stress are frequent bi-products of poor time management and planning.   By understanding how our brain works best, you can use science to improve productivity and get more done in less time.  Learn how to prioritize income-generating activities, when to outsource, and how to maintain work-life balance as you build your business.

  • Module 6: Partners and Product Launch

    You have the WHY, the WHO and the WHAT.   Now it is time to make money.  This last module helps you develop a step-by-step action plan so you no longer have to doubt your next move.  Learn the exact technique used by genius Albert Einstien to help you brainstorm about the best way to launch your product into your communities, find partnerships, and build a referral base so you can start to generate income in the next few months (not the next few years).

E-Course Only - $297
Add Group Calls- $497

Ian launched his business and made $12,000 in 2 Months!

Ian Winget

"Thanks to Stephanie my business launched on time and is successful beyond what I thought was possible in the first 2 months."

Ian Winget, Napa Valley Bitters Company

Additional Benefits

  • Structure and Consistency

    With regular call times you can carve space into your schedule to focus on your personal growth and goals.

  • Accountability

    Self-discipline doesn’t come easily, in fact it is human to procrastinate.  A coach keeps you accountable and on track with assignments and progress.

  • Community

    Have access to other individuals via a private client forum for motivation and inspiration as you move through the program.

  • 1-On-1 Attention

    We each have unique challenges and goals.  The coaching program is designed to meet your personal needs and answer any questions along the way.

  • Lifetime Access to Training

    As a coaching client you have lifetime access to your online course and the Facebook group for continued support, even after your program ends.

  • Faster and Improved Results

    It is a simple equation: 1+1=2.  With expert support and an individualized action plan, you create bigger and faster results than on your own.

"Stephanie's coaching is masterful. She consistently provided an opening that allowed for me to speak safely about anything I was dealing with. She typically guided rather than advised, leading me to ownership of my own solutions...There was an ease to working with Stephanie, so much so that I almost didn't see how much she assisted me in accomplishing!"

Roberta L.

The Unique RIGHT BRAIN Approach

Coaching like no other.  Designed by a licensed art-therapist.

Based in the leading research of psychology and neuroscience.

RECOGNIZE  Uncover the sub-conscious barriers and limiting thoughts/behaviors that are in the way of achieving your goals

REFRAME  Learn how to view obstacles in a new way, turn challenges into strengths and increase creative problem solving

RETRAIN  Apply techniques based in neuroscience and psychology to retrain your brain for improved confidence, productivity and fulfillment

RESULTS  Understand the science behind success and apply 'right brain thinking' to get into action and create new results, fast.


Watch the testimonial reel to hear how coaching made THE difference for my clients.

Nicole K

Stephanie went above and beyond being a coach for me. She was selfless, aware, wise, and open. I felt I could explore any place I felt stuck and receive no judgement… only caring and helpful encouragement.

Nicole K Photographer

Common Questions

  • q-iconHow much of a time commitment does this program require?

    Given most of my clients still work part-time or full-time in another job, I’ve designed this program to work around full schedules.  The intention is that you have two weeks in between each module to complete your assignments which can be done in less than 5 hours a week.  Group calls have a regular scheduled time but if you miss a live group coaching call, all sessions are recorded so that you can catch up at your own pace.

  • q-iconI'm excited to start. When does the program begin?

    The program is currently on a rolling basis so you can begin anytime.  As soon as you say ‘YES’ you can get started on the first video and join our next group call.

  • q-iconThere are a lot of coaches and programs out there, how can I be sure you are the right one for me?

    This is such an important question.  Finding a coach that is the right fit is crucial to your success.    I am highly qualified not only for my experience, but also my credentials.  I studied what I do for a very long time in university (with my MA, 7 years to be exact), took many exams and state boards, and spent thousands of direct client hours JUST to get my art therapy license.  And in the past 10 years, I’ve coached thousands of individuals who have gone to build profitable and fulfilling businesses.  In the end though, ask yourself “Does this feel good to me?”  Your gut usually can tell you who to trust.

  • q-iconGiven you are an art therapist, is this therapy?

    One could call me a therapist for entrepreneurs (wink) but short answer: no, this isn’t therapy.  My programs are based off the latest research in brain science and designed in a particular way that is proven to create impactful results for ANYONE.  No artistic talent is required and yet I promise you will discover an “artist” inside of you that you didn’t know existed.  I do find that the clients that are the most open to new methodologies and do all the recommended exercises completely have the biggest success.  Finally, although I draw from my experience as an art therapist and especially my knowledge of psychology, my coaching programs are very different from therapy and are not meant to replace appropriate mental health care.

  • q-iconIf I start with just the online course, can I upgrade to join the group calls later?

    Yes.  If you want to start with the material on your own and decide you want more support later, there is a way to upgrade from within the online portal.  Please note you will only have 3 months of call support and if you don’t use your calls during that period, the upgrade will expire.

  • q-iconDo you offer a guarantee?

    Yes.  I stand behind the value of what I teach.  I know it works because everything I offer in this program are the same techniques I use.  If you do the program in its entirety, show up to all the calls, and do the assignments but don’t feel satisfied after three months with the quality of the program, I’ll refund your money.  But no one has ever asked for a refund- I think that is a good sign.  🙂

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