What do other clients say? Watch, read and listen to the Testimonials Below.



Nicole shares her experience in the Build a Business program and how she went from corporate to consultant with over $150K in contracts in 3 months!

“You were worth every penny Steph, you really were.”

– Nicole Sroka


Dave goes from lawyer to a COACH for lawyers and lands his first $3500 client in 3 months.

“Here’s my pitch to whoever is watching…you should get a coach!!”

– Dave Klaus

Suzie starts a second business, builds a team, and launches a calligraphy school generating over $38,000 in 6 months!

“There was definitely no way I could have done this without you…”

– Suzie McKig


Shavon shares her experience working with Stephanie and the benefits of coaching: work-life balance, time management, and clarity of vision to her life.

“If you see Stephanie Staidle written anywhere, get on it like a red hot nothing!… She assists you with the things you need to do in your path”

– Shavon Woolfolk

Krista shares her experience of the Start a Business You Love program that helped her in her path toward full-time entrepreneurship.

“I encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity to work with Stephanie”

Krista Purnell


“I am so happy with what I’ve accomplished in the last 6 months…really life changing.  I’m on my journey to do something completely different and I’m really excited about it.”

Stephanie Lepow

Family Donation Network

Listen to Stephanie’s testimonial at the end of her 6 month program sharing the clarity and confidence she built to start her own non-profit while improving work-life balance.

“$10,000 gig three quarters through our coaching program is pure results…to see a coach help you with numbers…it’s just logic, something is working!”

– Lee Davidson


Lee shares her results from the 6 month Mastery Coaching program- from overwhelmed and struggling to being in-demand and 5 figure chef gigs!

“One of the biggest challenges I overcame working with you was learning how to gain confidence through doing.”

– Mark* (requests to keep information private)

A testimonial at the end of a 6 month Mastery Coaching program- from part-time to full time business, doubling his income so he can leave his day job!


“Thanks to Stephanie my business launched on time and is successful beyond what I thought was possible in the first 2 months.”

-Ian Winget, Napa Valley Bitters Company

“Stephanie Staidle was largely responsible for attaining my dream job, doubling my salary and starting two businesses.  She taught me how to increase my productivity, creativity, confidence and communication skills in both my professional and personal life. The tools she gave me will stick with me forever.”

-Josh K, Tealeaf

“Anyone that has started a new business knows that it can be overwhelming at times. It takes a ton of focus and determination, but sometimes it also requires help from others that have walked the path. While I was moving the ball forward in my business, it was taking a huge toll. Working with Stephanie really helped me compartmentalize different tasks and objectives, set attainable goals and find ways to accelerate my productivity while maintaining my sanity! If you haven’t considered a business coach in the past, I consider it a wise investment in your business and Stephanie is without a doubt one of the best in the game!”

 -Marianne Storm, Owner,  Apex Payroll

“Before taking this [Start a Business You Love] course starting a successful business was just a childhood dream. Even though I have achieved great success in other aspects of my financial and professional life, starting a business seemed insurmountable. After taking this class I now know I can start any business! And am on my way to starting a business that I know I will enjoy and will have a great impact. The time management tools in the module are helping me make a schedule that will allow me achieve all of my goals and tasks on time and with having to constantly feel like I’m falling behind. So I would highly recommend this course to any professional person especially if you wish to start your own business.”

– Thaddeus Norman, Data Analysis Consultant